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Strength in fragility

Paul Collier and Giorgia Giovannetti
The shockwaves of the global recession are destabilising the world’s poorest and most fragile states in Africa.
It’s imperative that the UK and the EU take action

Making fragility history

François Bourguignon and Giorgia Giovannetti
Fragility, expressed in terms of weak institutions and poor governance, is slowing development in sub-Saharan Africa. Europe needs to help fragile African states build up their resilience and embark on sustainable development.

Pour que la fragilité appartienne à l’histoire

François Bourguignon and Giorgia Giovannetti
La fragilité, exprimée en termes d’institutions faibles et de gouvernance déficiente, ralentit le développement de l’Afrique subsaharienne. L’Europe se doit d’aider les États africains fragiles à développer leur résilience et à avancer dans la voie du développement durable.

Betting on better times for the world’s poor

Launch Event Stockholm, 22/24 October 2009

New faces: a platform for African voices on development

Article on “New Faces for African Development”
The ‘New Faces for African Development’ initiative gave young African researchers a prominent platform to air their findings and views on development.

ERD Conference Accra, 21 May 2009 – Highlights

Turning fragility into strength

Article on the conference of Barcelona – Spain, 7-8 May 2009
States which fail to serve their citizens present a major development policy challenge. What can be done to put fragile countries on a sustainable development path? Experts and practitioners from across Europe gathered in Barcelona to look for answers.

ERD Conference Barcelona – Spain, 7-8 May 2009 – Highlights

ERD Conference Florence – Italy, 16-17 April 2009 – Highlights

ERD Cambridge Workshop, 17-18 March 2009 – Highlights

ERD Research Workshop Brussels, 6 February 2009 – Highlights