Contributions from the poster session on “New Faces for African Development”

Background paper to the ERD2009


Eme O. Akpan, Badmus Muslihah Adepeju, Christian Brice Kamga Kam, Nicholas Kilimani, Albert Makochekanwa, Douzounet Mallaye, Jesse McConnell, Ndubuisi N. Nwokolo, Nyende Magidu, Isaac B. Oluwatayo, Thomas Poirier, Afees Adebare Salisu, Sigismond A. Wilson


Contributions prepared for the Conference on “Financial markets, adverse shocks and policy responses in fragile countries”, organised by the European Report of Development in Accra, Ghana, 21-23 May, 2009.


The European Report on Development 2009 is the result of intense networking activities, and the participation of African researchers to this process was crucial to its success. An important facet of these networking activities was represented by the ERD Accra Conference, 21-23 May 2009, which also included a poster session dedicated to New Faces for African Development, in which Ph.D students and young researchers from African countries could present the outcomes of their research, bringing to the forefront fresh and new views. A call for a paper was issued, and 158 applications from 24 different African countries were received within a four week time span. Fifteen of the applicants were selected for the New Faces for African Development initiative, and thirteen of them submitted short syntheses of their research, which have been collected in the present publication. All fifteen research papers are available at the ERD website

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