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Following long months of frenzied research, reflection, consultation and debate, the second edition of the European Report on Development (ERD) has seen the light of day. Issue 6 of ERD News revisits the launch, which took place at the European Development Days in Brussels, and gauges coverage of and reactions to the report.

ERD blog now online

The European Report on Development has now got its very own blog, called European Research for Development Policies. Join us there for discussion and debate on ERD-related themes, to follow what happens to the report’s findings after the launch, and to find out what the media and other stakeholders are saying and thinking about the ERD.

Selected media coverage

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The printing and translation of the final report are in progress

The ERD "road show" will start in January 2011. Presentations are planned in various capitals in Europe as well as abroad.



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Completing the development jigsaw

Not lacking in ambition, the launch of the European Report on Development (ERD 2010/2011) revealed to a crowded audience nothing less than the “missing piece” in the development puzzle – and outlined a strategy for completing the jigsaw.

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EU press release: "Social protection is key to poverty eradication and inclusive development"

Social protection can help reduce poverty and vulnerability and promote development and inclusive growth in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the ERD. To unleash the full potential of social protection, African countries, the EU and other donors need to place it at the heart of their development policies.

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Podcast: Development policy’s missing piece

This podcast explains how social protection – which is the focus of the recently released second edition of the European Report on Development – is the “missing piece” which completes the development jigsaw.

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Podcast: What they are saying about the European Report on Development

Since the launch, the ERD has drawn the attention of specialists and specialised publications, as well as the European, African and international media, including some of Europe’s top newspapers. It has also triggered debate in the blogosphere. This podcast speaks to a number of stakeholders and gets their feedback on the report and its findings.

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