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The third issue of ERD News marks an important landmark: the official launch of the first-ever European Report on Development (ERD). The ERD 2009 was officially released to the world at a major event on 22 October at the annual European Development Days which took place, this year, in Stockholm.

Since its international debut, the report has also seen its European launch in Brussels on 30 October and its German launch in Bonn on 10 November. The report’s UK launch took place in Manchester at the Brooks World Poverty Institute on 23 November. It was discussed in Washington on 19 November on the margins of the EU-Washington Forum. Further presentation events will be organised in 2010, notably at the 11th Annual Global Development Conference in Prague on 16 January 2010.

For those reading this newsletter for the first time, the ERD is an innovative policy research process which aims to enhance the EU perspective on development (learn more here). This year's edition  deals with the complex and multifaceted issue of state fragility in Africa. Find out more about fragility and the ERD’s recommendations in the citizens’ guide (pdf) or read the full report (pdf).

Next steps

On the road to the ERD 2010
Against the backdrop of the food, fuel, financial and economic crises – which followed hot on one another’s heels – poverty and social inequality may well sharpen, increasing the need for effective social protection mechanisms.

After extensive debate and expert consultation, the European Commission and the six Member States supporting the ERD initiative have decided to focus the 2010 edition of the ERD on the issues of inequality, social protection and safety nets.


The ERD 2010 will follow a similar participatory and consultative process to the 2009 edition.


Betting on better times for the world’s poor

They say life’s a gamble, but it’s clearly more so for some. Life for the poorest citizens, many living in sub-Saharan Africa, is a high-stakes game of chance where the three Fs – fuel, food and finance – are far from a sure bet. These are the most fragile states and their story of hardship but also hope is being told in the first-ever European Report on Development. Read more

The language of development

The ERD’s citizens brochure is available in English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German and Swedish.


Podcast: Setting the scene for a development ‘rethink’

The economic crisis, climate change and security issues are set to weigh heavily on the world’s most vulnerable nations, threatening to weaken their already fragile democracies and societies. There is no template for fragile states – they come in different political and socio-economic shapes and sizes – but they do share a common ambition to break free of the poverty cycle holding back development.

This heterogeneity makes plotting a course for development for fragile states a tough job, but the political momentum shown at the ERD’s launch favours a solution. Listen to podcast


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