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The countdown is on for the launch of the first-ever ‘European Report on Development’ (ERD), due out in October 2009.

ERD News brings you a little closer to the people and events making news as we count down the weeks to the Report’s official launch in Stockholm.

Led by the European University Institute, the ERD is an ambitious EU-backed study which seeks, in close co-operation with developing and donor country partners, to elaborate a European perspective on development issues. The first edition, to be published this year, will deal with the issue of state fragility, with a focus on the African continent.

On 4 September, the Research Team behind the Report presented a consolidated draft to a gathering of development experts and policy-makers meeting in Brussels. The purpose of the conference was to refine the policy conclusions and recommendations of the ERD prior to its official launch. The event was divided into two main sections: a general presentation of the analytical findings of the draft ERD, and two working sessions to discuss the main policy recommendations. Nearly 100 delegates participated actively in the debate.

Feedback from this preparatory meeting is now being incorporated into the final version which is due to be launched at the European Development Days in Stockholm (22-24 October). An ERD 'lounge space' will also be set up within the stand of the European Commission in order to enable participants to meet the ERD team and learn more about the Report and its recommendations.

The featured article and podcast in this issue of ERD News capture some of the action during the 4 September event.

Latest news on ERD’s site

The Brussels conference closed the intense ERD participatory process which took place between February and September 2009. If you want to know more about this process, go to the ERD website and click on extended workshop reports and you can also find many background papers which have been instrumental to the Report. And for an overview, you can download the ‘ERD Process Brochure’ from the ‘Latest news’ section of the website

Next steps

Official Launch of the ERD – 22 October, under the umbrella event European Development Days, in Stockholm, and coinciding with the Swedish EU Presidency.

Stay tuned for a new brochure due out in October which aims to distil the report into a user-friendly format for citizens.


Joined-up ‘development’ thinking

Joined-up thinking has become a valuable business management mantra. It’s time to make it work for EU development policy, too. Gathering in the framework of the ERD process, experts and EU policy-makers agree on the need for a coherent approach to tackling the challenge of ‘fragility’, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Europe has a potential role and added value, but no-one said it would be easy.

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Experts and policy-makers met one last time in Brussels, on 4 September, to thrash out a final consolidated draft of the inaugural ERD. There was a strong sense of purpose among the delegates and a number of valid and useful points were raised on how to improve the Report ahead of its launch in October.

Listen to some observations made during the 4 September ERD conference on the podcast.


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