Preparatory Work


Outline Report


The ERD is an intensive participatory process, which brings together a wide range of top scholars, policy makers and civil society representative along all the stages of the process. All over the year, the ERD will organize a series of international events to discuss the main issues related to the Report. A first event is an open brainstorming during which the team will discuss the tentative storyline of the report together with external experts and member states’ representative. The outline of the report will be then presented during a workshop organized by the DG Development in Brussels during the first half of March.

The ERD will then organize two international conferences, one of which in an African country, where international experts from the academia, together with policymakers and civil societies’ representatives, will present their works and discuss on the main issues dealt in the Report.

A preliminary draft of the Report will be presented during an international workshop in September in order for member states’ representatives and other participants to express their views and to suggest improvements to the content and to discuss policy implications.