Outline Report

The Outline Report of the ERD 2009, “Development in a Context of Fragility – Focus on Africa”, has represented a crucial step in identifying the story line of the first edition of the European Report on Development. The European Report on Development represents a comprehensive and broad-based project, not limited to the publication of the report itself, including extensive networking activities with researchers from European countries and other regions of the World, discussions with policy makers and the civil society, and a close involvement of the various European national development agencies.

The ERD core team has relied on a variety of tools to disseminate the proceedings of these activities, and the related main findings. Background and conference papers have been published on our website, along with detailed summaries of the discussions in the various conferences and workshops that have been held throughout the year. Clearly, not all this material has been directly used or referred to in the final version of the ERD 2009. The ERD 2009 has focused on a specific facet of the topic of development in a context of fragility, where the most promising and convincing policy prescriptions can be drawn from solid-grounded evidence that has emerged from the literature review and from the conferences and workshops that have been organized all over the year. This selective focus is meant to enhance the relevance of the ERD in the policy arena, where specific policy prescriptions can be more influential that broad overviews of the complex development challenges posed by fragility.

The members of the ERD Core Team gratefully acknowledge the contributions and comments that were put forward by the participants to the ERD Research Workshop organized by the DG Development in Brussels, on the 6th of February 2009, where an earlier version of this Outline Report was presented. The usual disclaimers apply.


Download the entire Outline Report [pdf, 94 pp., 775 KB]