New Faces for African Development

Each participant is expected to bring her/his own poster. Scotch tape and drawing pins will be available. The recommended poster size corresponds to nine A4 pages (A4 = mm 210×297). Hence, the poster’s dimension should be 630×891 (width x height).

If you do not have access to adequate printing facilities, you can build your own poster using nine separate A4 pages. Note that you should make sure that the poster is easily readable, so that an adequate font size should be used (see sample). You do not have to squeeze the whole content of your paper in the poster!

Use the space corresponding to one or two pages for describing the objectives and motivation of the paper, and one page for conclusions; the rest is meant to be for methodological developments, regression results, theoretical propositions, etc.

During the poster session, each author is expected to describe to the other participants the content of her/his poster in a concise way, and to answer to specific questions that may be raised.