The program of conferences and workshops of the ERD 2009, together with conference papers and summaries can be found at the following links:

ERD Research Workshop
Brussels – Belgium, 6 February

Workshop 1 – Food crisis and the development potential of the agricultural sector in fragile countries
Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 17th-18th

Workshop 2 – Transforming Political Structures: Security, Institutions, and Regional Integration Mechanisms
Florence, Italy, April 16th-17th

Conference 1 – The challenges of fragility to development policy
Barcelona, Spain, May 7th-8th

Conference 2 – Financial markets, adverse shocks and policy responses in fragile countries
Location and time: Accra, Ghana, May 21st-23rd

Moving Towards the European Report on Development 2009
Florence, Italy, June 21st – 23rd

Presentation of the consolidated version of the ERD 2009
Brussels, September 4th